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the Smart Asset content team consists of a group of talented individuals passionate about helping SMEs in their quest for optimal asset management.
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Asset Management Software and its Many Uses Across Industries

Asset management software – more specifically in our case an asset management information system (AMIS) – is a powerful tool  for streamlining processes, reducing manual ...

What is Asset Management Software?

The assets in your company is a vital resource driving forward your operations. Without leveraging assets, you can’t achieve maximum competitiveness. Asset management ...

The Ultimate Guide to Asset Management Software

Asset management software, also known as asset management information systems (AMIS) could play an essential role for your business, optimising your time and resource ...

Asset Tracking
Asset Condition Reporting Best Practice

  The report card you should look forward to! More and more Australian businesses are taking a strategic approach to optimising their annual maintenance budget, by ...

Asset management
Why Efficient Asset Management Really Matters

  Your assets, no matter what they are, only exist to provide value to your company. So effective asset management, quite literally means increased potential. Despite ...

Asset management
3 Questions Your IT department should ask

  A study by IPsoft* has confirmed what many already knew – IT departments are incredibly overworked. This leads to drops in morale and performance, and high rates of ...

Smart asset
Antarctica NZ Story

  Air New Zealand in-flight video proves that EVERY asset can be managed Air New Zealand have become known for their highly creative in flight safety videos, including ...

Smart asset
Smart Asset Management on Your Smart Phone

  In 2018 it is now possible to manage all your company’s assets from smart phones. It has never been so easy to increase productivity, improve decision-making and ...

Pros and Cons of IOT

  Why IoT adoption has increased by 83% in 12 months* Given that 96%* of the businesses that have embraced IoT, have seen a return on their investment, IoT has become ...

Company culture
How to Keep a Mobile Team Connected

  Creating a connected and therefore more profitable workforce. A motivated team work harder and smarter. Not surprisingly, this is good news for you, both financially ...

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