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How the Internet of Things Impacts Asset Management

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) brings significant promise for businesses; it has already impacted many aspects of business, from product design and production ...

Understanding Asset Tags for Asset Management Software

Asset tags are an integral part of any asset management system. They can come in different shapes and sizes, and they’re used by organisations in a number of different ...

7 Ways Asset Tracking Software Can Prevent Theft

Regardless of the industry your company operates in, theft by employees, contractors, and others is a very real possibility. The costs associated with asset theft ...

RFID or Barcode Asset Tracking System: Which is Better?

When it comes to asset tracking, using technology tools like a dedicated platform along with asset tags and labels is essential. Both barcoding systems and RFID ...

3 Benefits of Using NFC for Asset Management

Are you looking to more effectively manage your assets to improve business success? If so, using Near Field Communication (NFC) could be the answer. Electronic assets ...

6 Signs of Poor Asset Management to Look Out For

Poor asset management can result in missing, obsolete, or under serviced assets. This can negatively affect your operations and bottom line and, in a worst-case ...

Scheduled Maintenance Planning: What Is It and Why Do It?

At its core, scheduled maintenance planning is about anticipating potential issues relating to your assets, and implementing maintenance work to either prevent an issue ...

Asset Audits: How Asset Management Software can Help

Asset management refers to managing assets across their entire lifecycle to achieve better productivity, better resourcing and better quality for an organisation, and ...

11 Essential Features for Asset Management Software

From computers and printers to trucks and machinery, your operation could have a lot of capital assets to be tracked across different departments and by different teams. ...

What is RFID and how can it be used in asset tracking?

Given the widespread use of RFID in everyday life, it’s surprising that more people aren’t aware of what it is and how it works. RFID is often used in asset tracking, so ...

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